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Hundested Propellers

Propeller shaft.
Propeller shaft of carbon steel. Certificate always available. The shaft is hollow bored for the tie rod. Lenght of shaft to be specified. Optional stainless steel shafts. The shaft is delivered finally machined. Hollow-bored or solid intermediate shaft with support bearings, coupling flanges And fit bolts are available to suit various vessel arrangements.

CP propeller.
The propeller blades are made of Ni-Al-Bz in 2-,3-or 4 bladed design. Besides design for nozzle-and for feathering position. The propeller hub is made of Mn-Bz and supplied either flange to the propeller shaft-or for mounting on a taper. The propeller blades are moved by a tie rod cross head with stainless pins.

On each pin a movable slipper block is mounted in a milled slot in the blade foot. The propeller hub is lubricated with water emulsifying grease. The mechanism of propeller hub consist of simple mechanical parts. All propellers are available with certificates from DNV and other Classification Societies.


Oil lubricated stern tube of steel. Lubricated with oil under static pressure from the head tank. Complete with bronze backed white-metal bearings and Deep Sea Seals with inboard seal water-cooled. Alternative sterntube seal types and grease or water lubrication optional. Propellers units can be supplied without sterntube and seals on request.