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PB Gear


The data given here is generalized, and is not binding unless written confirmation is given. Special application and ICE elass strengthening on request.

Series: PB 100 Series: PB 200 Series: PB 300 Series: PB 400


Standard flenge for direct flanging to engine flywheel housing, flexible coupring for mourting to engine flywheel.

Hydraulically operated clutch, built-in servo system for hydraulic operation of CP propeller.

Gear-type oil pump driven from primary shaft. Oil cooler, combired magnetic filter and strainer mounted on gearbox. Heavy duty tapered roller bearing for propeller thrust.

Levers for manual operation in engine room and remote control of clutch and pitch edjustment.

Propeller shaft flenge with borts and push-pull rod split coupring.

When classification societies require a standby lubrication system, the gearbox will be fitted with filter and non-return valves for connection to stand-by system.

The Advantages Of Variable And Reversible Propellers

  • It is always possible to obtain full utilization of the engine, irrespective of
    the purpose of the vessel.

  • Engine overloading can be avoided by adjusting the pitch.

  • Certainty tinat load on the engine can always be obtai ned.

  • Even if the engine drives a winch or a shaft generator, the number of revolution can be kept constant - and the speed of the vessel can tieen be regulated by means of the pitch of the propeller.

  • At speeds lower than the maximum speed, the engine's fuel consumption can be reduced considerably be increasing the pitch and lowering the number of revolutions further so tinat the speed required is still obtained.
In tieis way the loading of the engine and the total efficiency of the unit are increased.

  • Prompt and cheap replacement of separate blades in case of damage to the propeller.

  • Using fully reversible propellers, only a reduction gearbox is needed.

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